3 ways our family has dealt with Covid stay-at-home time during the pandemic

Stay at home did THIS to our family

Every family has handled the Covid pandemic in different ways. For us, we’ve doubled down on gardening and hiking… though it’s also possible Aster turned into a robot:

3 things we’ve done to stay healthy and okay during the pandemic

1. Gardening

We’re no great gardeners, but we love being in our backyard. Getting our hands in the soil, planting seeds, and tending plants as they grow has been a major way we’ve been active, bonded as a family, and taken care of our mental health.

2. Walks and hikes

The Eugene/Springfield area is full of parks and hiking trails, generally less than 20 minutes from our front door. Even short walks in the woods or by our area’s streams and rivers has helped us move our bodies, re-engage our sense of wonder, connect with the broader world, and truly get a breath of fresh air.

3. Reading

Books have always been a gateway to a bigger, broader world. Since we can’t get out and about as much right now, we can at least travel in mind, heart, and spirit—and dream about when we can head out into the world again.

This time is so hard. We’re managing, and we hope you are too. Here’s to better times ahead.

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We are the St. Clair Family: Anthony, Jodie, Connor, and Aster. As Learners and Makers, our family of four slows down, connects, and enjoys the world and each other's company. We have been traveling full time since 2022.