5 must-try foods at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Simple snacks and delicious cart dishes work great on a family budget

Visiting Tokyo’s two Disney parks were a highlight of our first family trip to Japan. When we visit a Disney park, we prioritize foods that are tasty and work well on a budget for a family of four. Here are our 5 must-try foods at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

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Tipo torta filled churro

Essentially a filled churro, tipo tortas are available in Fantasyland from Village Pastry. The crunchy tender churro yielded to the warm chocolate filling, packed with flavor but not too sweet.

We’ve enjoyed filled churros in Oaxaca as well, and finding some at TDR was a well-timed treat when we needed a short break and a quick snack.

Flavored popcorns

For starters, different areas of the DisneySea park have at least one and often two popcorn vendors to choose from, and each has their own distinct flavor. We considered getting one of the more expensive popcorn buckets, but the pricing didn’t suit us, and it was easier to get the disposable tub.

Flavors change, but here are some of the ones we really enjoyed:

  • White Chocolate Matcha
  • Curry
  • Milk chocolate
  • Caramel

Plus, when at Tokyo Disneyland, head to Big Pop for their broader array of changing flavors!

The curry was a favorite for us parents, but the white chocolate matcha was the winner for overall delicious family treat.

Mike’s melon bread

Famous Billy Crystal-voiced, one-eyed monster Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc. becomes especially delicious in baked goods form! Our first night at DisneySea, we knew we needed a little food before finishing out the night, so we zipped over to Mamma Biscotti Bakery during the big end-of-night show.

Among the delights? Cookie crust, a slightly sweetened bread, and a hint of melon flavor. If yums could power the Monsters Inc. world, we would have contributed a lot to their power supply.

Long naan filled flatbreads

The flatbread is yeasty with just the right chew, like an Indian naan. Yet inside, a hearty, savory tomato-based filling is like pizza or a calzone. At Sultan’s Oasis, the long naans were a favorite family lunch for all four of us.

Also great: We could rely on Sultan’s Oasis for reliable tasty hot coffee, and for dessert. The Sultan Sundaes were perfect to split between us. And the tropical flavors—pieces of fresh mango, coconut ice cream, and a bit of pineapple syrup—brightened us up for our next attractions.

Gyoza dog sausage buns

For starters, the downstairs Nautilus Galley restaurant has an amazing vantage of the Jules Verne-inspired attractions around Mysterious Island. It’s also home to one of the park’s best snacks.

The gyoza dog combines is essentially a sausage bun or hot dog, but with a gyoza, or potsticker-style wrapper. The savory snack is filling and gives a great dose of protein. It was also one of the most novel and fun foods we encountered at DisneySea.

Delicious Tokyo Disney

Our visits to Tokyo Disney were a highlight of our time in Japan. The family friendly snacks and casual meals did more than fill our bellies. They gave lots of fun memories to share about the delicious food we found at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Try some of these must-try foods at Tokyo Disney during your visit!

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5 Must-Try Foods at Tokyo Disney Japan
5 Must-Try Foods at Tokyo Disney Japan
Tokyo Disney: 5 Must-Try Foods [Japan]
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