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Traveling as a family: The Learners and Makers are the St. Clair Family: Aster, Anthony, Connor, Jodie

Traveling as a family to inspire others to adventure together at home and away

We’ve always moved to our own beat. Then we started a family.

An amputee mom, an involved dad, and two curious kids: Traveling as a family inspires us and helps us inspire others!

After all, some people say that when you have kids, you put your dreams on hold. We decided that having kids meant helping them learn how you make your dreams come true, big and small, every day.

Now, we are the Learners and Makers. Through travel, homeschool, and more, our everyday adventures combine lifelong learning and joyful making. We both make our destinies, and guide our kids in learning how to make theirs.

Family travel, slow travel, and accessible travel

  • Traveling as a family
  • Outdoor adventures: hiking, camping, and more
  • Flatwater kayaking
  • Accessible travel with an above-the-knee amputee mom
  • US and global/RTW adventure family travel
  • Slow travel

Traveling as a family: Meet the Learners and Makers

Jodie St. Clair

Jodie St. Clair is a master crafter, traveler, homeschool mom, above-the-knee (ATK) amputee, and CEO of dreaming big. She is also chief content and marketing officer for Learners and Makers.

Writer and author Anthony St. Clair is a cook, traveler, homeschool dad, and CEO of taking the kids for a walk anytime. He also heads up business development for Learners and Makers.

Anthony St. Clair

Connor St. Clair (age 11) went to his first country (Japan) when he was 15 months old. In addition to math and science, he loves reading, the ocean, dumplings, Settlers of Catan, and Minecraft.

Aster St. Clair (age 8) went to her first country (Canada) when she was 7 months old. In addition to books, red, and rainbows, she loves cats, solitaire, reading, and searching for unicorns.

Our mission as a traveling family

Topics we discuss

Through our photos, videos, travel articles, and more, we discuss how:

Adventure can be big or small, at home or around world

Parents can embrace the joys and challenges of travelling as a family

Family travel helps children grow into adults who can make their own destinies

Jodie as an amputee, and other parents who have disabilities, can travel as a family too


As Learners and Makers, we strive to:

Inspire kids and adults to find adventure wherever they are

Showcase how families can make the most of any destination

Guide children to grow into curious, resilient, active, and capable adults

Demonstrate that amputees and other people with disabilities can take on accessible travel and see the world, their way

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