Accessible travel: Disability & mobility impairment

Amputee with prosthetic leg walks easily along a paved path on Whidbey Island.

Accessible travel
isn’t always on wheels

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What does accessible travel mean to us?

Traveling with a disability or mobility impairment looks different for everyone.

Jodie is an above-the-knee, or ATK, amputee. She augments her mobility and walking with a prosthetic leg and one or two trekking poles. What Jodie takes into account for our travels and her mobility is similar to what other people consider, such as:

  • People with bad knees, hips, feet, and/or backs
  • Senior citizens
  • Pregnant people
  • People wearing a baby or using a stroller
  • Families traveling with small children
Amputee with prosthetic left leg hikes in the Oregon hills with daughter and son.