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Fixes and food: Our family gets ready for a 6-week popup camper road trip

Fixes & food: Getting ready for 6 weeks of California Camping in our popup camper!

New here? Subscribe to our free RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Welcome back! You can also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Thanks for visiting!It is time to hit the road in our popup camper! For 6 weeks, we’ll be roadtripping, Disneylanding, and popup camping throughout California’s deserts, beaches, cities, and redwood forests. It’s …


Plan trips as a family

Find your path to family travel: 5. It’s family travel, so plan trips as a family.

Kids and parents can plan trips together Family travel works most smoothly when kids and parents plan trips together. That way, each person has a say, a stake, an interest. When parents and kids plan trips together, everyone can get more out of the experience. Kids feel like they have a say. Adults can head …


7 can’t-miss sea stacks you can see only on the Southern Oregon Coast

Impressive sea stacks of all sizes dot many of the 363 miles of the Oregon Coast. You can take in impressive formations along the Northern and Central parts of the Oregon Coast. However, the hidden secret of this amazing place is that many of the best stack rocks are found on the Southern Coast, from …


The children yelled at MIDNIGHT: Connor turns 10!

Connor turns 10! Thoughtful. Deliberate. Strong. Full of wonder, questions, and determination. Connor loves building, reading, adventuring with his sister, and playing video games. Yet as he turns 10, we also see early signs of young adulthood. There’s a different gravity to him… and a zany sense of humor. He’s also more thoughtful, conversant, and …


Proud Junior Rangers at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Idaho

7 reasons National Park Junior Ranger programs make family travel better

Our key to incredible family vacations in public lands Our adventures take us to lots of US public lands, and National Park Junior Ranger programs have become a key part of improving and having more fun on our family travels. Various National Parks, Monuments, and other federal and state public lands offer Junior Ranger programs. …


Toddler in Tokyo! We've been working on family travel for a long time.

Our path to family travel: Trip plans for 2022

Our Path to Family Travel has taken us to some amazing places, and for 2022, that path is getting even more exciting. From National Parks throughout the US Southwest to traveling full-time, we are making big plans and embarking on major family travel this year. In 2021, we set a goal to travel every month, …