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Baby sea turtle surfs its way into the ocean

Our traveling family loved this baby sea turtle release tour in Mexico. Here’s why.

Our kids helped 67 olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings reach the ocean. The soft white sand shustled between our feet and our sandals as we stepped onto one of the most important sea turtle nesting grounds not only in Oaxaca, Mexico, but the world. Our baby sea turtle release tour with OscarTours had brought us …


24 Hours in Silverton and Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Hiking as a family: How to break down Oregon’s legendary Trail of Ten Falls at Silver Falls State Park

Yes, hiking 7 miles of waterfalls can be kid friendly! Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park offers a hiking trail that can take in 10 waterfalls. But the total length of the Trail of Ten Falls is also a whopping 7 miles long. Hiking as a family, that can be a lot to do in one …


A Zillah WA summer family trip offers kids and adults alike a chance to relax and recharge.

Take a Zillah WA summer family trip: 24 hours in Yakima Valley wine country

Zillah, WA: A family gateway to both wine country and kid friendly fun Central Washington’s Yakima Valley wine country calls to visitors from all over the world, and it’s no wonder. This area of the Pacific Northwest averages over sunny 300 days a year. In addition to nearly 2 million acres of rich farmland, the …


Tractors, tamales & kid friendly fun: Take a Union Gap summer family trip in Washington State

Why visit Union Gap for a summer family vacation or homeschool field trip? Family friendly destinations take many forms. That variety is where our homeschooling family finds some of our favorite family travel experiences. In Central Washington’s Yakima Valley, the Evergreen State’s third longest river is the foundation of a fertile land home to much …


Outdoor wonders such as Natural Bridge are only a short drive from the Roanoke area

Hometown tourism: From the river to the arcade in Roanoke, VA

How do you transform a hometown visit into a family vacation in a travel destination? Anthony grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. We’ve gone back to visit family many times before and after becoming parents. We’d also been looking forward to exploring the area more like anywhere else we travel with the kids. From Thomas Jefferson’s …


Things to do in Colorado Springs with kids: 24 hours in the shadow of Pike’s Peak

Ideas for 24, 48, or 72 hours in Colorado Springs with kids Maybe you know Denver, and the delights of the Mile-High City. You might be familiar with the powder and slopes of Aspen, Vail, or Breckenridge, and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. But if you haven’t been to and around the Centennial State’s …