Disability does not stop her: Check out Jodie’s interview on the Everyday Badassery Podcast

She travels the world with one backpack… and one leg

August 2023 marks one year that our family has been traveling full-time! It’s our family’s bit of Everyday Badassery, and that led to a pretty fun chat Jodie had recently.

More and more parents strive to work longer and farther afield trips into their lives while they have kids at home. However, Jodie has traveled to 22 states and 11 countries not only with husband and two children, but with one leg.

Jodie recently sat down for a chat with drone pilot, traveler, and podcaster Christine Lozada for her Everyday Badassery Podcast. Their chat is inspiring, hilarious, and even had Anthony pumping his fist and exclaiming, “Hell yes, that’s my wife!”

”A cancer survivor and amputee, meet nonstop traveling mother of two, Jodie of Learners and Makers. She travels the world with her family of 4, homeschooling her children and giving them an education of a lifetime: the world”

Here are just a few things Jodie and Christine chat about:

  • Homeschool
  • Nonconventional family
  • Why we chose to travel full time
  • Where we’ve been and where we’re going
  • Disability is different for everyone

Guest: About Jodie St. Clair

When Jodie was 13, a cancer diagnosis changed her life. Less than two weeks after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left knee, she chose to have her left leg amputated up to the middle of her thigh. Ever since, she uses a prosthetic leg to augment her mobility.

Does having one biological leg and one synthetic leg sometimes bring challenges? You bet. But Jodie has also gained additional focus and drive.

Today, nearly 30 years after that diagnosis and decision, Jodie runs her own business with her husband. They also homeschool their kids, all while traveling full-time, whether that’s flying to Asia or RVing across the USA.

Host: About Christine Lozada and her Everyday Baddassery Podcast

An award winning creator, Youtuber, podcast host and traveling pickleball player, Christine Lozada helps you to fly drones, travel smarter, and play pickleball!

Our BIG badass moments in life are made possible by the the culmination of our SMALL badass moments. This podcast is made with love and is created with YOUR self improvement in mind. I keep it REAL. Everyday Badassery is a weekly podcast of inspirational stories to help you be just 1% more badass today than you were yesterday.

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