6 family travel books to fuel your wanderlust dreams for 2021

Bust out the family travel books and guidebooks! For 2021, we are still being careful about our travel plans, but we are definitely making plans.

Snow days.

Coast days.

Camping trip.

Kayaking jaunts.

And more.

How are you keeping the spark alive in your sense of adventure?

6 family travel books and guides helping us fan our spark into some serious travel wanderlust flame

Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide to the Globe

Family travel books: Wanderlust: A Traveler's Guide to the Globe

Some travel guides are about the big idea. Wanderlust delivers by being an absolutely big, beautiful bounty of adventure ideas all over the world. Trails, cities, routes, train trips, street food, you name it. Wanderlust helps you think about the sort of trip you’d want to trip: A perfect springboard to making that dream trip happen.

Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Family travel books: Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest Coast

With 2021 being the year we added 2 Sea Eagle E370 tandem inflatable kayaks to our family travel gear, we’ve also been reading up on all things kayaking in the Northwest. This handy book not only goes over some basics for technique and safety, but it also breaks down amazing paddling trips from British Columbia to Oregon.

Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition

Family travel books: Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition

Truth remains stranger than fiction, and that is true all over the world. In their ongoing mission to seek out the forgotten, the freaky, the odd, and the amazing, Atlas Obscura showcases things about the world that you didn’t know exist. The updated second edition includes over 100 new destinations—and a foldout map.

The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon

Family travel books: The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon

Flatwater paddles, such as on Oregon’s many lakes, are the types of family kayak trips we’re interested in the most. This short-and-sweet kayaking guidebook gives a region-by-region breakdown of the best lake, pond, and slow river paddles throughout the Beaver State, from coastal rivers to the high desert of Eastern Oregon.

The 10 Best of Everything National Parks

Family travel books: 6 family travel books and guides helping us fan our spark into some serious travel wanderlust flame

National Geographic is a great resource for anything related to America’s public lands. This handy guide groups National Parks in various ways, such as best hikes or best parks for stargazing. This family travel guidebook also helps you visualize your trip by region, season, theme, or occasion.

Oregon Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas

Family travel books: Oregon Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas

Our first Benchmark Oregon atlas has been loved and road-tripped to tattered death. The cover has come off. The pages are stained and ripped. In short, a perfect life. The new one—freshly updated and useful as ever—is ready to hit the road and log our next family travels.

There’s never enough family travel books.

What travel guides and other books are giving you life this year?

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