Oregon snow parks: Sledding and flying 6-year-olds at Salt Creek Sno-Park

Salt Creek Sno-Park, Oregon

Waterfall and snow play paradise less than an hour and a half from Eugene


A wee day at Oregon snow parks brought our powder-deprived kids big joy. We can go after snowy winter adventures with confidence (and a few peace-of-mind supplies).


Approximately 207 snowballs, 22 saucer and toboggan tracks, one smooshed finger, and countless big smiles and bigger laughs.

Southeast of Eugene, in less time than it takes to watch FROZEN, you can play in a snowy paradise. Located just off Highway 58, Salt Creek Sno-Park has all the essentials:

  • Easy access from highway (but make sure you’ve packed winter driving supplies and are carrying tire chains)
  • Paved parking area
  • Snowy hills surrounded by tall, iconic Oregon trees
  • Toilets

Bonus: In the same park area, you can also walk a few yards to the overlook for Salt Creek Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. The overlook is near the parking lot, but can be slippery, so be careful. It’s worth it though!

Our Salt Creek Sno-Park Oregon snow day adventure

Our 2021 Oregon snow parks adventure was amazing… even if our daughter went flying on the first sled down the hill! Check out our snow day in the video below, and also check out our how-to for having your own Oregon snow day.

How to go to Oregon snow parks

Want to visit an Oregon Sno Park? Now is the time! Here are a few things we recommend:

  • ❄️ Go during the week! If you can get there during the week it’s not crowded!
  • ❄️ Take chains! It was super clear when we went, but it’s good to be prepared. Plus, you can often return your chains in April if you haven’t used them.
  • ❄️ Bring a good picnic. We love bringing lots of protein rich foods, fruits and veggies to do quick and easy food.
  • ❄️ Bring something warm! We had lots of hand warmers that we didn’t end up needing, but hot chocolate and coffee are a must.
  • ❄️ Get your Sno-park pass ahead of time. We went to Bi-mart the day before, but if you think you’ll go a few times in the year, you could just grab a few. You mark the date in yourself.
  • ❄️ Have a first aid kit. Especially since the snow was a little icy when we went. Sledding can be an extreme sport!

Where do you like to play in the snow? Have you been to Salt Creek Falls or Salt Creek Sno-Park? Tell us in the comments below!

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