Oregon’s Wildlife Safari: Global animals up close on a driving tour

Wildlife Safari, Winston, Oregon

Experience animals up close on a strolling and driving tour of world animals at southern Oregon’s Wildlife Safari, just minutes from I-5


The world is full of amazing creatures! Oregon’s Wildlife Safari helps us learn to respect and appreciate our fellow animals even when we can’t see them in their native habitats.


Faces full of wonder. Fingers that will never forget the feeling of wee birds perching on them. Commitments to make choices that are good for wildlife and good for our family.

And then an ostrich stuck its head through the car window. That’s the sort of thing that happens at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari.

It’s okay though. The ostrich was only after the food.

Not our food, but the food cups you could buy that Wildlife Safari made available for drive-through safari folks like us to feed to the animals along the way.


A day trip at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari is a chance to see amazing animals from all over the world, from bison and cheetahs, to flamingos and alligators. During a walkthrough part of the 593-acre park, you can tour exhibits of animals (and refresh in a cafe, or take a let-the-kids-burn-off-some-energy break at a playground).


Our unforgettable adventure at Oregon’s Wildlife Safari

The main event is the drive-through safari. Different sections represent different continents, such as North America, Africa, and Asia. You can view brown bears, big cats, and so much more (just also be sure to roll up your windows when instructed!). Check out our Wildlife Safari adventure in the video below.


Have your own animal adventure at Wildlife Safari, Oregon

Located not far from I-5, Wildlife Safari is a convenient adventure to focus on or make a side trip to during your visit to Southern Oregon. The nearby large town of Roseburg makes a great home base for other adventures, from Wildlife Safari to nearby waterfall hikes.

How to get to Wildlife Safari, Oregon

Where to stay in Roseburg, Oregon (and what to do)

Have you been to a drive-through animal park before? What animals do you and your kids look forward to seeing?

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