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Kids and parents ride horses on the beach in Bandon, Oregon
On one trip to Bandon, we rode horses on the beach, among some of the sea stacks.

As Learners and Makers, our family of four has worked with over 20 brands and DMOs. From Washington State to Florida, we have created original, compelling, engaging content that motivates families to take action. Plus, our experiences help others with a disability or mobility impairment understand how they can also enjoy a destination.

Brand partnerships

“We are so pleased with the article! I concur with our Director of Marketing who said it was really well done. We had an excellent experience and truly enjoyed working with Anthony and Jodie.”

– Kathryn Lucas, Director of Public Relations, Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge
Travel Wyoming - The Wyoming Office of Tourism
West Coast Huatulco Destination Management Company
Smith Creek Village
Oscar Tours Huatulco
Twisted Track Brewpub, Virginia - Roanoke Craft Beer

“When you work with content creators and influencers, you never want to worry about having to hold their hand or whether or not you’ll get the quality content you contracted for. Jodie and Anthony St. Clair at Learners and Makers gave me so much peace of mind. They always came prepared with ideas, mapped out exactly what we needed for the project, and delivered solid content that’s given us excellent engagement on Instagram. I loved working with them both. The final product was authentic and thorough, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Katera Woodbridge, Oregon Coast Visitors Association

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Content examples & what audiences say

“Thank you for sharing, I just booked a cabin!”

YouTube video comment: Smith Creek Village at Silver Falls State Park

“Accessibility is so important! I’m glad to hear this area had several awesome options for exploring!”

“What a gem you discovered. Beautiful photo and your descriptive writing makes me feel like I was there!”

“Looks absolutely stunning there and even better that it is accessible. Thank you for sharing”

“I had no idea this was there! So cool!”

“Adding this to our itinerary!”

“Our girls would love checking out a place like this!”

“a beautiful spot to explore for both adult and kids”

“Saved for when we visit”

“Such an incredible stop. Now I want to book reservations at the same campground!”

“It’s so nice to find accessible places that are gorgeous!”

“Wow how fun for the kids! Love it! Definitely saving this.”

“Such a great resource to help in planning!”

“Amazing! Saving for a future trip!”

“I am just listing the places to visit by your posts😍”

Fresh content. More audience. Better conversion.

“We got that same campstove, largely based on your recommendation, and it has been a gamechanger!”

@dilettantesarah on Instagram

“The blog post brought a new and valuable perspective to our website, and Anthony and Jodie are great writers with an added attention to SEO. The Instagram Reel really captured the appeal of our area for families and curious kids!”

Erica Lindemann, Director of Marketing, Visit Vancouver WA
See our article: Things to do with kids in Vancouver, WA

Learners and Makers delivers original family travel and accessible travel content on time, on message, and on budget.

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