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Workhorse camp breakfast ideas for parents and kids give everyone a better, more balanced start to the day. Here’s how we keep it simple.

Easy, balanced camp breakfast ideas for kids and parents [FAMILY CAMPING TIPS]

Balanced, or indulgent, or both? Here’s our favorite workhorse day-to-day camping breakfasts! Feeding a hungry family is always challenging, but all the more so when camping. For example, indulgent breakfasts full of pancakes, syrup, and bacon are wonderful. They’re not always what you want on the menu though, especially when trying to start the day …


8 ways our family of 4 prepped for a 6-week camping road trip

Camping road trip: 8 ways our family prepared for 6 weeks of popup camping

A 6-week camping road trip is a not-insignificant amount of time to travel. Especially in a car. With a popup camper. And two kids. Our plans for a February and March road trip throughout California included a range of climates and areas, from the redwood forests near Oregon, to the deserts of California’s arid southeast. …


Pop up campers: 5 things to know: tent trailer, family camping, and more: Our popup trailer combines the right balance of size, cost, towability, and adventure options for our family.

7 reasons why we chose a popup camper

Popup camping has helped our family travel more, longer, and to so many different places. Here are 7 reasons why we chose a popup camper instead of another type of RV or trailer: 1. No more sleeping on the ground. View this post on Instagram A post shared by The St. Clair Adventure Family (@learnersandmakers) …


Fixes and food: Our family gets ready for a 6-week popup camper road trip

Fixes & food: Getting ready for 6 weeks of California Camping in our popup camper!

It is time to hit the road in our popup camper! For 6 weeks, we’ll be roadtripping, Disneylanding, and popup camping throughout California’s deserts, beaches, cities, and redwood forests. It’s a big trip, during the unpredictable months of February and March. So how in the world are we preparing for 6 weeks of travel with …


Family road trip: Popup camping in 5 states over a month

Family road trip: Packing for a month

Follow our St. Clair family summer road trip of 4 weeks, 5 states, and 3,851 miles: All posts Summer camping setup 2021 An epic family road trip: A month of popup camping. One traveling family of four. Camping, adventuring, kayaking, romping, and wandering across five states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. How in the …


A Eureka camp stove is a meaningful Father's Day gift idea!

Best camper propane stove for families: Eureka Ignite Camp Stove

Camper propane stove review: Eureka 2-Burner Ignite Plus Verdict: With excellent flame control and space for big cooking, this budget-friendly, durable Eureka camper propane stove cured our family’s propane cooking blues. We didn’t need a new camper propane stove… But we needed one. With so many camp stoves available, finding ours took some searching. It …