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8 ways our family of 4 prepped for a 6-week camping road trip

Camping road trip: 8 ways our family prepared for 6 weeks of popup camping

A 6-week camping road trip is a not-insignificant amount of time to travel. Especially in a car. With a popup camper. And two kids. Our plans for a February and March road trip throughout California included a range of climates and areas, from the redwood forests near Oregon, to the deserts of California’s arid southeast. …


Pop up campers: 5 things to know: tent trailer, family camping, and more: Our popup trailer combines the right balance of size, cost, towability, and adventure options for our family.

7 reasons why we chose a popup camper

Popup camping has helped our family travel more, longer, and to so many different places. Here are 7 reasons why we chose a popup camper instead of another type of RV or trailer: 1. No more sleeping on the ground. View this post on Instagram A post shared by The St. Clair Adventure Family (@learnersandmakers) …


Fixes and food: Our family gets ready for a 6-week popup camper road trip

Fixes & food: Getting ready for 6 weeks of California Camping in our popup camper!

It is time to hit the road in our popup camper! For 6 weeks, we’ll be roadtripping, Disneylanding, and popup camping throughout California’s deserts, beaches, cities, and redwood forests. It’s a big trip, during the unpredictable months of February and March. So how in the world are we preparing for 6 weeks of travel with …


Family road trip: Popup camping in 5 states over a month

Family road trip: Packing for a month

Follow our St. Clair family summer road trip of 4 weeks, 5 states, and 3,851 miles: All posts Summer camping setup 2021 An epic family road trip: A month of popup camping. One traveling family of four. Camping, adventuring, kayaking, romping, and wandering across five states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. How in the …


A Eureka camp stove is a meaningful Father's Day gift idea!

Best camper propane stove for families: Eureka Ignite Camp Stove

Camper propane stove review: Eureka 2-Burner Ignite Plus Verdict: With excellent flame control and space for big cooking, this budget-friendly, durable Eureka camper propane stove cured our family’s propane cooking blues. We didn’t need a new camper propane stove… But we needed one. With so many camp stoves available, finding ours took some searching. It …