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Instead of walking all day on her prosthetic leg, Jodie rented a wheelchair at Tokyo Disney.

What’s it like using a wheelchair at Tokyo Disney Resort?

A Japan accessible travel FAQ about lines, cast questions, Disability Services & more at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Whether you walk through a Disney park on two legs or use a wheelchair, the magic of Disney can shine brightly for any and every guest. I have visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California; Disney World in Orlando, …


Week 24, Tokyo Disney and Osaka, Japan

Diary of a Globetrotting Family Connor’s complaint, 2 days of Tokyo Disney, and Aster’s first Shinkansen From our rough arrival into Tokyo, we quickly recovered and immediately felt the excitement of being back in a country we adore. Aster has heard about Japan ever since she was a baby. Within the first day, she was …


Kids and dad surrounded by chill, adorable huskies

Week 23, Bangkok, Thailand, and Tokyo, Japan

Diary of a Globetrotting Family Bangkok huskies, tween on board, bad air, and we are two for two on crazy late arrivals into Japan We returned to Bangkok for a few days of sightseeing—but the air quality took an unexpected toll. Still, we loved getting to know Thailand so well, and knew we would be …