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Outdoor wonders such as Natural Bridge are only a short drive from the Roanoke area

Hometown tourism: From the river to the arcade in Roanoke, VA

How do you transform a hometown visit into a family vacation in a travel destination? Anthony grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. We’ve gone back to visit family many times before and after becoming parents. We’d also been looking forward to exploring the area more like anywhere else we travel with the kids. From Thomas Jefferson’s …


A calm day tubing the Upper James River

25+ things to do with kids in Roanoke, VA during a Blue Ridge family vacation

Virginia’s Blue Ridge with kids is an inspiring way to enjoy  culture, history, nature, and more (even for a Roanoke native) In the heart of Virginia’s rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, the Roanoke area and beyond offer so many things to do with kids during a family vacation. For our own family of four (Anthony, Jodie, …


High fives while catching fireflies

Catching fireflies: It’s what summer in the South is all about

When Anthony was a kid, one of his favorite summer night pastimes was going out into the yard and catching fireflies. Or, as we called them in Roanoke, VA, “lightning bugs.” Family travel video Fireflies and Swimming Pools in ROANOKE VIRGINIA How to catch a firefly Catching fireflies is all about being fast, patient, and …