Amputees who travel: Jodie’s interview on The Active Amputee Podcast

Jodie became an amputee when she was 13. She has a disability, a limb difference, and, as she likes to call it, a “robot leg.” Jodie also has a vibrant life, as a mother, a businesswoman, and one of many amputees who travel the world.

“I hesitate to call it a trip. It’s more of a lifestyle. We’ll be doing school. We’ll be doing work. We’ll just be living in all these different places internationally as we go.”

However, Jodie doesn’t often talk about how she became an amputee. But when the opportunity came to share on The Active Amputee Podcast, Jodie felt it was the right place to share her story.

During her interview with Active Amputee Bjoern Eser, Jodie talks about her teenage journey with cancer, traveling as an amputee, choosing to become a mom, and how having a disability has informed our international family travel plans.

Hiking a box canyon at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah.

“We hope to inspire people…. Doing anything where we’re pushing our comfort zone, just getting out there and experiencing, is special to us.”

Jodie also digs into some of the nitty gritty on traveling abroad with a limb difference: having a prosthetic “emergency tool kit,” traveling even if she can’t get to a prosthetist, and the part of her prosthesis that’s the most prone to breaking. From amputee travel tips to prosthetic devices, she opens out about her decision to live life to the fullest.

Amputees who travel: Hear Jodie’s story

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