Porto, Portugal

Portugal: Is Porto worth visiting with kids?

When we arrived in Porto, Portugal, we mentally added a new country to our family’s travel tally total: 12. For the next month, an apartment in the Boavista area would be our home base for exploring Portugal’s second city and answering a simple question: Is Porto worth visiting with kids?

Two kids look out over a hilltop wall at the skyline of Porto, Portugal

First time in Europe: Porto, Portugal, with kids, for a month

This is our family’s first time in mainland Europe. But why did we choose a place known as Portugal’s second city?

Visiting Porto with kids: 7 tips for families in Portugal’s second city

For a family trying to get the most out of their budget and their schedule, we find second cities a great, lower-stress, lower-cost fit. And when visiting Porto with kids, we found that Portugal’s second city had lots to offer.

Many tuk-tuk tours begin at Clerigos Tower in Porto

5 reasons to tuk tuk Porto, Portugal

Taking in the sights of Porto, Portugal’s Old Town also means taking in lots of slopes. Built up from the banks of the Douro River, the historic city winds up and down hills. Stone staircases and beautiful, intriguing, narrow old streets can get you from the cafes and promenades of the Ribeira riverside area, to the hilltop Porto Se, or city cathedral. Walking the city can be wonderful. But for an introductory tour, we much preferred to tuk tuk Porto.

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Yes, include a Douro River wine tour during your visit to Porto

If you want to deepen your knowledge, experience, and appreciation not only of port but of Portugal’s overall wines, a Douro day tour will be a highlight of your time in Portugal.

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Where to stay in Porto

How to save on Porto attractions, dining, and more

Save on attractions and public transportation with the Porto.CARD from Visit Porto

The Porto.CARD is only available from Visit Porto
Image: Visit Porto

We also saved money on attractions and public transportation with the Porto.CARD, available exclusively through Visit Porto, the official tourism board for the Porto area. You can get Porto.CARDs for the entire family, with options for only savings on attractions, or get the Transport option for savings on public buses and metro lines.

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