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Plan trips as a family... and balance time together and apart with kids when traveling

8 ways we balance time together and apart with kids when traveling

Travel tips for spending time as a family, as a couple, and alone while traveling the world Our globetrotting family of four spends more time together than ever. That’s why we also balance time together and apart with kids when traveling. Overall, we love the time we spend together. We bond a lot, and we …


The Hoi An lanterns we made... and wished we could have brought home.

Week 16, Hoi An, Vietnam, and LEGOLAND Malaysia

Diary of a Globetrotting Family Making lanterns and wishes in Hoi An, and unleashing our imaginations at LEGOLAND Malaysia The blocky stamp thunked four times, and the Malaysia immigration official handed us back our passports. After leaving Hoi An to fly out of Da Nang, then a day of traveling across Vietnam and Singapore, we’d …


The Blue Temple is both an amazing place to visit when seeking things to do in Chiang Rai with kids, but also a great opportunity to recharge, relax, and re-center..

5 things to do in Chiang Rai, Thailand with kids [and a few places your family can skip]

Enjoy Thailand’s northern hill country: Chiang Rai with kids The rolling green hills remind you that Thailand’s bigger cities, like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, are a world away. If hill country such as Oregon’s Coast Range, Virginia’s Blue Ridge, or even Scotland’s Pentland Hills are in your memory, they might come to mind. Of course, …


Miracle Hot Springs, Idaho: Great for a soak... or a cannonball!

The 3 things that guide how to choose where to travel as a family

3 main principles guide our family destination decisions So many factors can influence where people choose to travel, especially when they travel with kids. Our family travel is no different, and we had to figure out how to choose where to travel as a family. It’s a big world, and we know we can’t see …


Yup, we all heart Da Nang, Vietnam.

Week 15, Huế and Da Nang, Vietnam

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: Busted laptop, rainy Huế, and the dragon of Da Nang Our New Year got off to a rainy start—plus a few difficulties before we got to Da Nang. Huế (pronounced “huh-way,” by the way) brought us more quiet days than we expected. At the same time, I feel a fair …


Looking across the Son River in Phang Nha, Vietnam with kids

Week 14, Tam Cốc & Phong Nha, Vietnam with kids

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: Quiet days, long train rides, and boat tour through a massive cave Our travels in Vietnam with kids have their share of excitement. They have their calmer times too. In these days between Christmas and New Year, we enjoyed the quiet moments of traveling the world. Plus one giant cave …


Best Bangkok day tour with kids

This Bangkok family tour gave us a 1-day, low-stress introduction to Thailand’s bustling capital Sightseeing in a huge, traffic-packed city like Bangkok can be tricky anytime, but all the more so when traveling with kids. Our family of four wanted to find an affordable, flexible Bangkok family tour, so we could experience the major attractions …


Family travel destinations: The first 3 countries we visited and WHY we chose them

3 main principles guide our family travel destinations There are so many reasons people pick where and why they travel to certain countries. Sometimes it’s for a love of the culture, or maybe family history and ancestry. In our case, we’ve focused our family travel destinations around 3 main factors: As you can also imagine, …