Best travel app to find fun places for kids

Try GoWhee: The travel app for parents looking for safe, fun places to take their children

As on-the-go world traveling parents, we always need amazing and safe places we can take our son and daughter. But we also want to use our travel time well, and not have to spend half the day researching! We’ve found what we think is the best travel app to find fun places for kids: GoWhee. GoWhee is the travel app for parents!

Affiliate disclosure: We are part of GoWhee’s travel ambassador affiliate program. Our opinions are our own.

Why you should trust us

Angkor Wat with kids: How to prioritize what to see and have a great time at one of the wonders of the world. Our family stands outside of Angkor Wat itself.
Heading to Angkor Wat, Cambodia!

We’ve used GoWhee to plan adventures, excursions, and activities for our family of four. We’ve also added over 50 locations to GoWhee for destinations in the USA, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more.

Our family has spent a month pop-up camping in the Western US. We’ve driven our pop-up camper from Oregon to Southern California to go to Disneyland. Then we spent the next six weeks traveling up and down the Golden State. Our work as accessible family travel content creators has taken us from coast to coast in the US. We’ve worked with over a dozen brands and tourism boards in the travel sector. In 2022, we began traveling the world full-time.

Travel is our family’s team sport. Throughout our global wanderings, we use GoWhee to decide activities. We regularly add destinations we think other families would enjoy. We believe this encourages other families to travel. It also helps other parents discover places around the world they would like to go with their children.

Parents and caregivers make GoWhee reviews

Figuring out where to eat gets easier when you know the reviews are from parents who will only recommend places they view as family friendly and safe.

As any parent knows, finding good places to take your kids can be tricky. Sometimes you have to wade through lots of irrelevant listings. Or it’s too hard to filter based on what you are or are not interested in. And don’t get us started on the number of online reviews or listings where we wonder if the person who wrote it is even a parent, or has ever been around a real child.

Part of what drew us to GoWhee is how reviews and locations are all made by parents, guardians, and caregivers. This family travel app’s users are people who are actively work with kids. They also love to share places they have found and think other families would find useful or enjoyable.

Categories reflect how parents think

Part of what we find useful about GoWhee, is it actually follows how a parent thinks. We parents often think in a pretty tight through line from need to solution. If we need coffee, we are going to look for a coffee shop. If an activity needs to be age specific, we need to know that before we arrive, not when we are about to hand over the cash, only to get told our kid is too young or too old.

From accommodation to zoo, farm experience to indoor fun, we like that we can search GoWhee easily and quickly, and the app’s categories are like how we think of what we’re looking for. You can also search a location and set an age range. Whether in advance or in the moment, we’ve been able to use GoWhee to help us find the right activities when we need them.

Constantly improving

GoWhee’s small team is constantly working to improve the app as well. The team regularly works on refinements to increase speed, make it easier to navigate listings, or improve how to add locations. We’ve used GoWhee in the US, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and have consistently found the app reliable.

Use of GoWhee is growing. While many listings are in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe, families like ours are adding listings throughout the world.

Easy to find fun places for kids around the world

GoWhee’s easy-to-navigate map interface helps you find nearby family friendly activities.

GoWhee has made it so much easier to find fun places for kids near wherever we are in the world. Whether we’re looking for a playground, nature trail, indoor fun, or something, GoWhee helps us find places and understand key things about them, like whether there’s parking, restrooms, water fountains, accessibility features, and more.

Whether you want to check out a new park or you’re trying to find something for your kids to do in an unfamiliar city, GoWhee is the best travel app to find fun places for kids.

Gowhee: The travel app for parents