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Try GoWhee: The travel app for parents looking for safe, fun places to take their children

As on-the-go traveling parents, we are always looking out for amazing and safe places we can take our son and daughter, all over the world. But we also want to use our travel time well, and not have to spend half the day researching! We’ve found what we think is the best travel app to find fun places for kids: GoWhee. GoWhee is the travel app for parents!

Affiliate disclosure: We are part of GoWhee’s travel ambassador affiliate program. Our opinions are our own.

Easy to find fun places for kids around the world

GoWhee’s easy-to-navigate map interface helps you find nearby family friendly activities.

GoWhee has made it so much easier to find fun places for kids near wherever we are in the world. Whether we’re looking for a playground, nature trail, indoor fun, or something, GoWhee helps us find places and understand key things about them, like whether or not there’s parking, restrooms, water fountains, and more.

Whether you want to check out a new park or you’re trying to find something for your kids to do in an unfamiliar city, GoWhee is the best travel app to find fun places for kids.

Gowhee: The Travel App For Parents