Boise, Idaho: A love letter, NEW family travel video + things to do in Boise

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Love letter to Boise, Idaho

Dear Boise, Idaho,

We’ve hung out before, but this summer was the first time we really got to know you, Boise, Idaho, as a place to visit.

And we miss you already.

Green space galore, even in the heart of downtown.

Hikes, splash pads, waterslides, mountaintop adventures… Our entire family found so many ways to play together and explore town together.

Wherever we went, we saw so many smiles. And realized we were often grinning too. From the folks running food carts and the families romping at Roaring Springs Water Park, to the volunteers at MK Nature Center and the kids squealing with delight at splash pads and parks, we realized how much we love visiting Boise.

A vibrant city. Serene nature. Ways for all of us to play.

Boise, Idaho, you’re our kind of town. We can’t wait to come back.

P.S.: We want to thank Visit Idaho for sponsoring our trip, and Bogus Basin and Roaring Springs Water Park for hosting our visits. Our opinions, however, are our own.

Boise, Idaho family travel video

Our 2021 Boise trip kicked off an amazing month of travel: 4 people. 5 states. 34 days. 3,851 miles.

And Boise, Idaho, is where it all began:

Things to do in Boise, Idaho: Family outdoor recreation tips

Two eaglets in a real-life, life-size eagle's nest at Boise's MK Nature Center.
Two eaglets in a real-life, life-size eagle’s nest at Boise’s MK Nature Center.

In town or near town, Boise is full of family-friendly outdoor recreation options:

Less time driving, more time doing

Boise isn’t a very spread-out city. Many destinations can be less than a 20-minute drive. Even out-of-town day trips, such as Bogus Basin, are less than an hour’s drive from downtown Boise.

Green space and outdoor recreation

Playgrounds, splash pads, and water parks

For more family travel ideas to Boise and to start planning your trip to Idaho, check out Visit Idaho.

Where to stay in Boise (and what to do)

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