Dear Subaru

Dear Subaru,

When we decided to become parents, we set a goal of showing our son and daughter as much of the world as we could while our two kids were still children. Our Subaru Outback has been a big part of fulfilling that goal.

Our Outback has been part of our family of four since 2018. In 2020, just before pandemic lockdowns began, we added a popup camper to our adventure lineup. Since then, our trusty Outback has towed our camper, nicknamed Bebop, from the Oregon Coast to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Over 10,000 miles of Subaru family adventures

We’ve logged well over 10,000 miles of adventures, including two big road trips. During a month in the summer of 2021, we drove 3,851 miles, camping and exploring throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Oregon. Then, in February and March 2022, we toured another 6 weeks and 4,580 miles, camping and traveling throughout the redwood forests, beaches, and deserts of California.

Our Outback has taken us to National Parks and Monuments, such as Crater Lake, Rocky Mountain, John Day Fossil Beds, Dinosaur, Joshua Tree, and Redwoods. We’ve shown our kids some of the beauty and wonders of our country. Our Outback has helped us safely and comfortably navigate hundreds of hours behind the wheel.

We love our Subaru, and will always appreciate the memories it’s helped us make with our kids, traveling and camping and showing them some of the world.

Where will it take us next?

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