International Selkirk Loop

Travel guides and our 1-week road trip experience

North America’s 2-nation scenic drive includes northern Idaho, southern British Columbia, and northeastern Washington State

Are you familiar with scenic highways such as Virginia and North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway, or California’s Highway 1? The world-class 280 miles (450 km) of the International Selkirk Loop holds its own any other iconic road trip destination.

Where is this scenic drive?

The International Selkirk Loop spans Idaho, Washington State, and British Columbia.

What’s a good itinerary?

We suggest at least 7 nights on the International Selkirk Loop, along with a night on either side for arriving and departing. To get the most out of the loop and some of its Scenic Side Trips, we suggest 10–14 nights.

Our 7-night itinerary included:

  • Staging night in Spokane, WA
  • Sandpoint, ID
  • Creston, BC
  • Kaslo, BC
  • Castlegar, BC
  • Metaline Falls, WA

Travel guides and our experience

Listen: Driving the Selkirk Loop (Idaho, British Columbia, Washington) – Amateur Traveler Episode 878

We joined Amateur Traveler Podcast host Chris Christensen for a fun discussion about our Selkirk road trip, along with travel tips and a suggested 7-night itinerary for other travelers ready for a 2-nation vacation. Listen here or with the player below!

Snapshots of our International Selkirk Loop road trip

Family travel in Idaho, British Columbia, and Washington State

Our family of four traveled in a 25′ Class C motorhome. But the wonderful thing about the loop? You can travel it your way. During our week on the loop, we also saw people on bicycle tours, motorcycles, towing campers, and using regular passenger vehicles.

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