Our path to family travel: Trip plans for 2022

Our Path to Family Travel has taken us to some amazing places, and for 2022, that path is getting even more exciting. From National Parks throughout the US Southwest to traveling full-time, we are making big plans and embarking on major family travel this year.

In 2021, we set a goal to travel every month, big or small. And we did it. We found our path to family travel.

Our travels ranged from an afternoon hike, to a month-long road trip, traveling and popup camping throughout the western US. For 2022, we’re aiming higher. Bigger. Farther. And abroad.

We have 2 big trips planned. And we’re going to be showing you not just the inspiration whoopty-do. We’re going to show you how we’re doing all this, how we’re making it happen. That way, you can see all the more how you can find your own path to family travel.

Disneyland and National Parks in California and Utah

First stage: Oregon to Disneyland.

For 2022, we are planning to travel during February and March to National Parks throughout California and Utah. We’re also going to Disneyland! We’ll be on the road for around 2 months—and yes, we are taking Bebop, our popup camper.

Second stage: Disneyland to public lands in California and Utah.

But that’s just the beginning.

Traveling internationally

Relaxing on Australia’s Whitehaven Beach in 2008.

In August, we’ll start traveling internationally full-time as a family.

We’ve traveled internationally before, but not as an entire family. Anthony’s traveled abroad extensively. We’ve traveled abroad as a couple. Jodie has traveled to Canada with a baby Aster, and when Connor was a toddler, we took him to Japan for three weeks.

But this will be our first time traveling together, all four of us, to other countries—for a long, long time.

We’ll start with Costa Rica and Panama. After about 6 months of travel, we’ll assess and see how we’re getting on.

First stops abroad? Costa Rica and Panama!

We also have a list of lots of other countries too, including

  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Italy
  • France
  • Thailand
  • Senegal
  • Egypt

And a lot, lot more.

Our key to family travel? Knowing our options and staying flexible, adaptable, and nimble

Now, real quick, yes, we also understand that the world is crazy. We know that we may need to change our plans.

Changing plans, though, doesn’t mean stopping our plans.

We are setting our sights on these big trips because that aligns what we do, how we focus, and what we work towards. If we need to pivot, we will pivot. But we will be traveling, in whatever way works for us and where the world is.

Join us on the path to family travel

Setting up the camper.

A big road trip in the US. Then full-time travel to other countries. We’ve been dreaming about this, talking about it with the kids, and setting our sights for a long, long time.

More importantly? We’re going to show you how we make our travel dreams come true.

Throughout our planning and preparations, we are going to show you the behind-the-scenes work that puts us on our path to family travel. The options we consider, the reasons we’re making these choices, the arguments we resolve, and, ultimately, how we are making all this happen, as a middle class family with two school-age kids. We’ll be regularly telling you about how we are going to make all this happen, from budgeting and country selection, to what in the world we’re doing with our stuff… including our camper, vehicles, and house.

You can find your path to family travel too

We believe that if our family can travel, yours can too, in the ways that work for you. Anyone can make their way on the Path to Family Travel. We’re going to show you how we make that happen for us, so you can make it happen for your family too.

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We are the St. Clair Family: Anthony, Jodie, Connor, and Aster. As Learners and Makers, our family of four slows down, connects, and enjoys the world and each other's company. We have been traveling full time since 2022.