5 places inspiring travels with kids: Seattle, jet lag cruise cure, UK & more

Get inspired to for your next trip: Highlights from news, new offerings, and eye-opening destinations and experiences

Ideas for traveling with our kids can come from anywhere. Film locations, new exhibits, tasty places to eat: week after week, when enticing and intriguing travel news comes our way, it all goes into our mix of travel inspo. Here are 5 places inspiring our travels with kids right now:

3 great places visit in and around Seattle this summer

Hailing from Oregon, we’ve had many pleasant trips to Seattle and its surroundings in nearby Washington State. These 3 noteworthy features of Seattle and its surroundings caught our attention.

For starters, the Seattle Aquarium constantly innovates and looks at new ways to engage the public on ocean life and conservation:

Seattle Aquarium’s new Ocean Pavilion

“Anticipated to be completed in summer 2024, the Seattle Aquarium’s Ocean Pavilion shares the story that we have the power to save our oceans. In the Ocean Pavilion, visitors will be able to witness the exquisite biodiversity of a reef ecosystem in the Coral Triangle, a marine area in the tropical Pacific – coming face-to-face with sharks, rays, schooling fish, mangroves, seagrasses, and nearly 30 species of coral.”

More about Ocean Pavilion

Save on Seattle attractions

Seattle can be a jumping-off point to 3 National Parks

One of our favorite things about Pacific Northwest cities such as Seattle is their proximity to some of the USA’s grandest natural spaces. Washington State is home to multiple parks and other lands managed by the National Parks Service:

“From stunning lake hikes to fall colors, to wildlife sightings of pikas, mountain goats, and marmots, there’s lots to love about our state’s national parks. Don’t forget to hit up a local brewery after your outdoor forays.”

These 3 in particular are all within a few hours drive of Seattle:

Mount Rainier National Park

When people in Seattle say “mountain’s out,” this massive, often snowy volcano is what they’re talking about.

North Cascades National Park

Up near the USA-Canada border, North Cascades gets you up into the iconic Cascade Mountains that define so much of the Northwest.

Olympic National Park

Our family trip to the Olympic Peninsula combined vibrant towns, stunning lakes, accessible hikes, and yes oh yes, iconic Olympic National Park. The idea that you can be in one of the country’s main urban centers then jaunt off to one of America’s wildest spaces makes us love the outdoors all the more.

Learn more about National Parks and other sites in Washington:

National Parks near Seattle

Find the trolls

While Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood is well known for its under-the-bridge car-clutching troll sculpture, we were delighted to learn that trolls are now widespread throughout Western Washington:

“Acclaimed Danish artist Thomas Dambo created an ambitious public art project titled Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King. The publicly accessible sculptures are located around the Pacific Northwest (two in Seattle, with five total in Western Washington) where each whimsical troll sculpture is part of an underlying environmental story. The project celebrates the human experience of art by amplifying the connections of cultural heritage between Coast Salish tribal communities and Scandinavian traditions.”

Learn more about this regional public art project

Blue Zones comes to Yosemite

Dan Buettner’s New York Times bestselling Blue Zones books have been highly influential on our family dynamic, lifestyle choices, and how we travel with our kids. What began as an amazing look at insights into longevity and life satisfaction at “Blue Zone” sites throughout the world, has now become an international movement.

More and more communities throughout the USA are realizing there are ways they can be better places to live. California’s Tuolumne County, gateway to Yosemite National Park, has now joined a Blue Zone Project:

“Blue Zones Project® works with the Tuolumne County community to create an even better place to live, learn, work, play, and worship. When the entire community participates—from worksites and schools to our restaurants and grocery stores—small changes contribute to huge benefits for us all: lowered healthcare costs, improved productivity, and ultimately, a higher quality of life.”

Learn more

Plan your trip to Tuolumne County

Curing jet lag could be as easy as taking a cruise

Cruising has been getting our attention more and more lately. One consideration? Taking a cruise not only extends our trip and gives us a comfy way to leisurely go from A to B. Cruising instead of flying long distances can do an end run around jet lag, says Dr. Lindsay Browning, a sleep expert at Trouble Sleeping.

“When traveling long distances by boat or ship, you are unlikely to cross more than one timezone per day,” explains Dr. Browning, “naturally lessening the effect of jet lag as the time on board will shift gradually through the journey.”

The folks at Panache Cruises have been digging into potential connections between cruising, sleep, and preventing or mitigating jet lag. Potential benefits of exposure to sea air and a cruise’s slower pace can include improved blood oxygen and vitamin D levels, better breathing, and higher-quality sleep.

Explore ocean, river, expedition and yacht-style cruising options

Plant-based Mexican restaurant had us at jackfruit carnitas

Arizona remains one of the states we have yet to visit as a family. When we do head that way, Tumerico in Tucson will be high on our list for a date night dinner:

Tumerico, a vegetarian Mexican cuisine restaurant in Tucson has been named the best restaurant in the US to eat at in 2024 by Yelp for redefining Mexican cuisine and vegetarian dishes by serving Latin vegetarian food that will delight even meat lovers. After opening its doors in 2014, chef-owner Wendy Garcia took beloved recipes, handed down through her family and transformed them into plant-based cuisine using ingredients such as jackfruit carnitas and her famous flavorful salsa. A 2024 James Beard Semifinalist, Garcia offers an experimental seasonal menu within her colorful welcoming restaurant.”

As if that’s not enough, Visit Tucson has also launched America’s Best Mexican Food Field Guide:

“discover the authentic and flavorful Mexican cuisine that makes Tucson home to America’s Best Mexican Food. The guide highlights the best Mexican restaurants, taquerias and food trucks within this UNESCO City of Gastronomy that will delight every foodie’s taste buds.”

The food truck fiends that we are, our time in Tucson—along with our bellies—is going to be full of amazing Mexican-style food.

Explore Tucson’s Mexican-style cuisine

UK filming locations galore welcome visitors

Ncuti Gatwa has delighted the world with his charismatic, powerful presence as the Fifteenth Doctor of long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who. It’s no wonder visiting film locations for this and other prominent shows and movies is on lots of people’s minds. Including ours. And the UK is full of iconic film locations, many of which the public can visit, including locations for:

  • Harry Potter
  • Outlander
  • Welcome to Wrexham
  • Ted Lasso
  • Sex Education
  • Heartstopper

“Travelers want to put themselves in the picture and walk in the footsteps of the characters they see on screen.”

Paul Gauger, VisitBritain Executive Vice President of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand

Speaking of Doctor Who (not that we’re taking notes or anything), here are just a few spots in Scotland, England, and Wales that you might have your own TARDIS stop at.

Along the scenic Wales Coast Path in Glamorgan, Dunraven Bay in Wales is known to fans as Bad Wolf Bay. Fogo’s Free Tours in Cardiff, Wales includes a stop at the iconic National Museum Cardiff’s staircase, featured in a key scene in the episode ”Dalek” (with the Ninth Doctor). Or in England, the Doctor Who London Walking Tour takes you to the same spots where actors such as David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi have brought the Doctor to life.

Learn more about British filming locations you can visit in the UK

Where will these travel ideas take you?

So. Many. Places. There are not only so many amazing places to visit, but such a variety of ways in which any traveler can experience a destination.

Where will you go?

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