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The Blue Temple is both an amazing place to visit when seeking things to do in Chiang Rai with kids, but also a great opportunity to recharge, relax, and re-center..

5 things to do in Chiang Rai, Thailand with kids [and a few places your family can skip]

Enjoy Thailand’s northern hill country: Chiang Rai with kids The rolling green hills remind you that Thailand’s bigger cities, like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, are a world away. If hill country such as Oregon’s Coast Range, Virginia’s Blue Ridge, or even Scotland’s Pentland Hills are in your memory, they might come to mind. Of course, …


Best Bangkok day tour with kids

This Bangkok family tour gave us a 1-day, low-stress introduction to Thailand’s bustling capital Sightseeing in a huge, traffic-packed city like Bangkok can be tricky anytime, but all the more so when traveling with kids. Our family of four wanted to find an affordable, flexible Bangkok family tour, so we could experience the major attractions …


Family travel destinations: The first 3 countries we visited and WHY we chose them

3 main principles guide our family travel destinations There are so many reasons people pick where and why they travel to certain countries. Sometimes it’s for a love of the culture, or maybe family history and ancestry. In our case, we’ve focused our family travel destinations around 3 main factors: As you can also imagine, …


Excited to visit one of Thailand's most iconic and eclectic temples.

Week 11, Chiang Rai, Thailand, to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: Global offices, big life questions, indoor leopard, shuttle surprise in Siem Reap Ah, December! In short sleeves and sandals. Starting to look ahead toward Christmas, it’s going to be a very different holiday season for us. Still. With Chiang Rai being such a great family destination, we put aside thoughts …


Week 10, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: Illusion, night market challenge, what anxiety hates, and the fruit that makes the devil drool… or retreat 6 rooms of illusion, a night market challenge, what anxieties hate, and trying the dreaded durian for the first time: As our family travel Chiang Mai turned toward Chiang Rai, we had quite …


Aster and Connor use mortars and pestles to make Thai curry paste from scratch

Week 09, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: Chiang Mai, Thailand Ever since Huatulco, something has happened to my dreams. Not “what I want out of life” dreams. Those are coming true. But my good ole fashioned middle of the night dreams? Those have gotten strange. All my dreams have become about travel. In one, the four of …


Stormy Bangkok skyline

Week 08, Bangkok, Thailand

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: New city excitement… but also sad news from home I’ve never held with the idea that travel is about “getting away.” Wherever you are, there you are, and so are all the other parts of your life. Even when something is far away, it’s still part of you, distant but …


Week 07, Mexico, Los Angeles, Seoul, and Bangkok, Thailand

Diary of a Globetrotting Family: From Mexico to Thailand, with only one scare in between A month and a half, already? Not only had we left our home in Oregon in August. Not only had we traveled Washington State; Victoria, BC; Texas; and Virginia. We had started our first travels in a country new to …