Secret stash, stylish look: Travel scarf with hidden pocket revealed

Comfort, security, flair… and an easy-to-conceal zippered pocket

Money belts have no style. I say that as someone who has one. Money belts bulk out clothing, do no favors for a silhouette, and are awkward to reach for when you need something. (And don’t get me started on the necklace-style money pouches. Or the bras.) Whether at a ballpark or on a sightseeing day abroad, I want not only security, but stylish flair. When I want to keep my essentials safe yet at the ready, I tuck them into my travel scarf with hidden pocket.

The reason is simple: Every traveler has to keep their money, cards, and ID secure. But there’s no reason traveling women and men can’t be safe and stylish all at the same time.

“Hell no, I’m not wearing a money belt to the market.”

The travel essentials you need to keep safe all the time and sometimes have at the ready

Every traveler has certain items they have to keep safe at all times, such as

  • Passport
  • Any other ID they regularly carry (such as a driver’s license or ID card)
  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • ATM/debit card
  • Medical cards, such as insurance cards or vaccination cards
  • Smartphone

What I love about my travel scarf with hidden pocket is that I can easily keep all of these things tucked away, hidden and safe. The pocket in my scarf is roomy enough and the zipper is cleverly hidden.

One of the largest problems I’ve had with a money belt is they don’t work well with dresses. Dresses are my favorite way to pack. My scarf makes it easy to look great while also carrying whatever is important to me.

It’s not just about the passport or traveling either! I’ve found that some of my favorite times to wear my scarf are when I want to be minimal in what I’m carrying. A busy tourist spot with more of a pickpocketing danger, baseball games where I don’t want a purse on the ground, bustling markets when I want my hands free. These are all places where my scarf serves as a great way to carry my essentials.

And hell no, I’m not wearing a money belt to the market.

The day-to-day problem with money belts, necklace pouches, and pocket bras

Anthony has been a money belt devotee ever since he first traveled in Asia in 2003. During our world travels with our kids, Connor and Aster, Anthony uses a money belt, while I use my travel scarf on big travel days. Since there’s two of us, we find that our money belts help us split our passports, backup credit cards, and a small stash of emergency US dollars. However, even though Anthony wears a money belt on travel days, he doesn’t wear it out and about for everyday use.

Money belts are effective… but not stylish or convenient… You wear a typical money belt around the waist, with the goodies tucked into the top of your pants or skirt, between your clothing and your underwear. Unless your clothing is baggy, all of the bumps of your money belt will show through. You don’t exactly want to dive into your waistband while trying to pay for some chicken skewers at a Thai night market.

Digging down into your shirt or pants isn’t exactly socially acceptable. And you’re bound to wind up feeling embarrassed at the awkwardness of the situation—not to mention how long it takes to do what you need to do.

In contrast, my scarf offers a quick and secure way to access what I need to. No digging required.

Style and security: Waypoint Goods Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarves

I met Waypoint Goods founder Caitlin Blythe at a conference back in 2022. Her beautiful pocket scarves quickly won me over. I could get the security I needed for my things when out and about, while not having to leave my sense of style back in my room.

I immediately snagged a Waypoint pocket scarf. Since then, I’ve worn my Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf extensively. It’s been with me during road trips and RV trips across the USA, train trips in Japan, outings in Mexico, and wanderings in Thailand and Singapore. On flight days, I’ve got my scarf on. Not only does it help me keep my passport and cards at the ready, but it can help keep me warm on a chilly plane.

The Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf is available in 2 weights of fabric

Original travel scarf is a little heavier fabric

This can be great for temperate or cooler climates. It can be easier to arrange the fabric to better conceal whatever you have stashed in the zippered hidden compartment.

Lightweight bamboo blend

Great for hotter temperatures and climates, the lightweight bamboo blend fabric is the scarf I chose. Since we travel primarily in warmer weather climates and hotter temperatures, I knew this would be a better fit for me. Plus, I knew I’d be wearing it on travel days, no matter the temperature.

If you are in temperate or cooler climates, the original weight might be a better fit. However, the thicker fabric makes it easier to conceal the bulk of what’s in the secret pocket. With the lightweight fabric, I do sometimes have to get creative with my folding, bunching, and making sure things stay concealed.

On travel days, I sweat and run hot, because my prosthetic leg means my body works hard with every step. Since I know I’ll be hot anyway, but want to keep my scarf on, the lightweight fabric is more comfortable and breathable, and I still enjoy wearing it.

Pros, cons, and considerations about the Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf

For your Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf and how you wear it, here are some things from my experience that might help you too:

Don’t pack out the zippered compartment too much.

If you do, you’ll feel the weight on the back of your neck, plus the bulk might be noticeable.

The lightweight fabric is comfortable even in humid weather.

Typically, I stay comfortable even on a hot day, though occasionally I have felt like it would be nice to take off the scarf.

The zipper has good construction, and I’ve had no issues with it sticking or catching. It’s easy to work. The trickiest thing about the zipper often is finding it—but then again, that’s what you want!

The scarf is far more comfortable and stylish than a money belt.

I have completely ditched using a money belt. I prefer my Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf. It is so much more versatile, comfortable, and stylish than my money belt.

The scarf gives you more outfit choices.

A money belt worn around the waist requires a two-piece outfit. It won’t work with a dress. I love that with my scarf, I can wear a dress on travel days, and travel dresses with pockets are my happy place.

A money belt adds more bulk around the hips and I don’t really have any clothes it works well with.

The prints are beautiful.

There are so many prints that are beautiful and versatile. I love the colors and design of the world print. When you spread out the scarf, you find the colors become continents. It adds a subtle joy to the travel focus of the scarf.

“On a day when we are flying to another country, I can pack my purse in our luggage.”

This travel scarf isn’t just for travel

The world map print looks snazzy. The zippered compartment hides passports, money, and more. It’s easy to think of the Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf as being only for travel. One of the most important things I’ve learned is how versatile and useful the scarf is in a variety of situations.

Whether you are at home or away, this scarf gives you secure storage for your needed valuables. Plus, it can make your excursion purse-optional. At a baseball game in Denver with my parents, I didn’t need my purse. I could store my phone, ID, and a credit card inside my scarf. When the evening got a little cooler, I appreciated the warmth too!

More and more, I’ve encountered scenarios where I either don’t need my purse, or I can be strategic about what’s in my purse versus what’s in my scarf. On a day when we are flying to another country, I can pack my purse in our luggage. That enables me to store my passport and Aster’s passport in my scarf, along with a bit of cash, my phone, and my credit card. It’s much easier for me to wear my carryon backpack, and it means less chafing and fatigue in my shoulders and neck.

The Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf scarf can come in handy for a variety of occasions, from travel days to sporting events. You can think of your scarf as both a wallet and an accessory. It becomes easier to imagine different scenarios where it might augment your purse, or give you a reason to not need a purse at all.

Hide your essentials, show your style & live your best day: Use this travel scarf with a hidden pocket for your money and I.D.

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