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Original family and accessible content creation from a full-time traveling family of 4

Learners and Makers has worked with over 20 DMOs and brands to bring alive destinations and products through inspiring, original content. Jodie is a photographer, video editor, and social media manager; she is also an amputee who uses a prosthetic leg. Anthony is a writer and videographer. Our school-aged children, Connor and Aster, bring curiosity, vivacity, and insight to every trip.

Relatable. Flexible. Reliable.

As full-time travelers and content creators, we can work with your needs and schedule, such as:

Travel throughout the year: shoulder season, low season, and mid-week visits, inside and outside the school year

Listening to your needs, content holes, and wish list

Places and topics you wish a creator would make content around

Project delivery on time, on message, and on budget


“I love how the kids were so interactive! Love this😍”

“What a beautiful experience to have.”

“You’re making me consider a trip.”

“It sounds like such a wonderful outing!”

Whether big or small, the trip of a lifetime or an everyday joy, family travel takes many forms. When people follow our travels, joys, challenges, and escapades, they get inspired to get going on their own everyday adventures:

Family friendly

Our family of four (Anthony, Jodie, Connor, and Aster) evokes an “everyperson,” wholesome feeling.

School-age kids

Our elementary/primary school-aged son and daughter bring vivacity and insights to every trip.

Adventuring amputee

Jodie is an above-the-knee amputee who uses a prosthetic leg. Our content relates not only to people with disabilities, but to people who mobility impairments, such as senior citizens, people with joint issues, or parents using strollers or baby carriers. The visibility of our family can further your brand’s accessibility awareness goals.

Not just Mom

Our audience sees both parents adventuring with our kids for an “entire family” experience.

A relatable family

Other families see themselves in us, and they see how they can make our adventures their own.

Ready to buy and book

Fans, followers, and viewers take away a message that anyone can find a way to travel and recreate in the ways that work for their family circumstances, and they want to figure out their next purchase, booking, and/or adventure.

Family travel and accessible travel original content creation

From products to destinations, Learners and Makers can increase reach, visibility, and conversion for your brand. We work with organizations worldwide on creating and sharing original content:

  • Highlights of your brand’s accessibility
  • Inspiring moments that make others want to be part of your experience too
  • And more!

For field assignments, hosted stays, and site visits, we can travel during weekdays, low season, off season, and outside or inside the school year. As a family of full-time content creation professionals, we pride ourselves on being nimble, adaptable, and independent, while getting the job done.

Brand partnerships

Twisted Track Brewpub, Virginia - Roanoke Craft Beer
Smith Creek Village
Oscar Tours Huatulco
Travel Wyoming - The Wyoming Office of Tourism
West Coast Huatulco Destination Management Company

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