3 foods we love returning to the USA from abroad for

As much as we love traveling (and eating) the world, there are a few things that are no place like home

Our American family loves to travel the world. We gain kindness, perspective, and understanding from our time in other countries and cultures. When we come back to the USA, we bring with us preferences and experiences about things we love, such as tagines in Morocco, tapas in Spain, and pretty much everything in Japan.

However, there are some things for which there truly is no place like home. Here are 3… and a surprise:

Peanut butter

Aster and I especially love peanut butter (though she’s more partial to creamy, while I prefer crunchy). While it’s often easy to find peanut butter abroad, we usually don’t bother. We know that when we get home, we can snag a giant jar from the grocery store and partake in its nutty, salty deliciousness.

Chocolate chip cookies

The cookies of Morocco delighted us, with their combinations of nut flours, dried fruits, chocolate coatings, and honey syrups. But the humble, versatile chocolate chip cookie is something we always appreciate about coming back to the USA. Especially the ones that have just a little crispness on the outside, and chewy inside, with every bite and chew adding rich, velvety chocolate flavor and gooey texture.

Colby jack cheese

If there’s any cheese we always buy in a big block, it’s this good ole speckled yellow and white standby. Colby jack is especially a favorite for burrito nights.

In fact, as we were getting to our last days in Italy before coming back to the US, Aster said, “I’m looking forward to nachos. Mmmm.” A wistful look came over her face. “With Colby jack.”

BONUS: Swimming pools

Okay, you’ve got me: Swimming pools are not edible. Nor were they originally on this list. You’ll see why I had to add it though. This bonus one is straight from Aster, when I asked her about things she looked forward to when we returned to the USA from abroad.

To be fair, I asked her right after she got out of the pool at our hotel in Miami, from which hotel staff had recently scooped out a few dead dragonflies. And after she had stopped shrieking while blasting out of the pool. While diving down and picking up leaves from the pool floor, she grabbed what she thought was a leaf—and turned out to be something else.

“I prefer my pools without dragonflies in them though,” she added. “Or dead lizards.”

Fair enough.

Appreciating other places reminds us to appreciate home

We love traveling abroad, especially enjoying incredible foods. At the same time, we use our travels to other places to remind us about things we appreciate at home in the USA. We also remember to focus on the simple pleasures in life—such as not grabbing a dead lizard in the pool.

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