Jodie’s travel capsule wardrobe for spring and fall

Road-tested casual clothes for comfort, style, and packing well for mild winters and cool spring/fall weather

Whether you travel for vacation or a lifestyle, the right casual travel capsule wardrobe helps you be comfortable, feel stylish, and pack well.

Since 2022, I’ve been traveling the world full-time with my husband and children. From Pasco, Washington, to Porto, Portugal, I’ve learned a lot about the clothes and accessories that balance packing light with having what I need and want, wherever we are in the world.

My casual travel capsule wardrobe guide below can help you shop for the traveler in your life (or drop a hint to someone shopping for you!).

These clothes focus on a mild winter, not a really cold one. They’re also great pieces for cooler weather in fall and spring.

3 general tips from my casual travel wardrobe to yours

  1. My wardrobe choices focus on casual, comfortable, and easily layered, with a range of budget to premium pieces.
  2. My core fabric is merino wool. Merino’s breathability keeps me comfy in cool, hot, and temperate climates. Plus, how easy it is to care for cuts down on how much laundry I have to do.
  3. Lightweight accessories expand your look options, even with only a few pieces.

Tops and dresses

Merino wool pieces comprise the core of my travel capsule wardrobe, but I mix in a few other pieces for style and variety.

I tried out my first Wool& merino dress a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve realized how much this breathable fabric keeps me from getting too chilly or too warm. Plus, my Wool& tops and dresses pack down well in my carry-on travel backpack.

And most importantly? The dresses have pockets!

Wool& Aspen Sweatshirt

One little layer can make all the difference between feeling chilly and being just-right cozy. I love the feel of this merino blend. Plus, it’s so easy to pack down tight and keep close for when I need it.

Wool& Willow Swing Dress

So easy to style in fun ways! The Willow works great with different accessories, such as a belt, scarf, or leggings. Or on days when I want to keep it simple, the Willow looks great all on its own too.

Polka Dot Casual Midi Dress with Pockets

It’s flattering, wears well, and so comfy, and it has pockets. Plus, I love polka dots!

Wool& Amalya Button-Front Dress

One of the most versatile dresses I’ve ever had. The button front gives you options for when you want a dress, or a long jacket.

Wool& Sloan Long-Sleeve Crew Tee

Versatile! The Sloan can layer for warmth yet also stand on its own as a long-sleeve t-shirt. With the merino’s long wearability, I can use the Sloan as an underlayer yet wear it again on its own another day.

Women’s travel pants and leggings

Leggings under a dress give me more comfort out and about. And while I prefer dresses, there’s one pair of travel pants I keep on hand too.

Wool& Axis Midweight Legging

In heavy leggings I’m prone to overheating. A lighter fabric can be too cool and less durable, especially against the plastics and metals of my prosthetic leg. This midweight fabric has become a sweet spot of comfort and durability.

Eddie Bauer Women’s Pants

Anthony has two pairs of the men’s version of these Eddie Bauer pants, and they’ve been going strong for him with constant use. I appreciate the zippered pockets for their peace-of-mind storage. The fabric is comfortable and moves well with my body, even with my prosthetic leg. They also roll up tight for packing.

Casual jacket: Wool& Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket

We travel primarily in warmer climates. However, we also cozy up on plenty of chilly mornings, cool evenings, and rainy days.

Natural fibers, teddy bear style, and easy-to-accessorize color have made this merino wool jacket my go-to fleece. It’s comfortable and casual, but I also don’t have to worry about overheating.


Travel scarf with hidden pocket: Waypoint Goods Lightweight Bamboo & Cotton Travel Scarf

I’m not wearing a money belt to a market. While money belts can be really useful for concealing money or crucial documents such as a passport, they are not great for everyday wear and use. Here’s what I prefer instead.

Comfort, security, and flair come together in this travel scarf with a hidden pocket. From travel days to outings, you can even go purse-free.

Skinny Gold Cinch Belt with Elastic Waist

A metal hook makes this easy to put on and take off. The gold finish adds some flare to my wardrobe.

World Map Pendant Necklace

Every day this simple necklace reminds me how much I love traveling the world with my family.

Stretchy 3-Inch Wide Belt with Buckle

I love the simple elegance this brings to my dresses, and the light brown harmonizes great with a range of colors and styles.

18-Pair Earring Pack

Straw, rattan, acrylic, resin: The variety of materials and styles helps me add whatever style I want to my day’s outfit.

Casual comfort in a travel capsule wardrobe

Whether for yourself or someone on your list, these items are perfect additions to a travel capsule wardrobe that’s casual, comfortable, and reliable. I love how the pieces in my wardrobe pack well in my backpack, and I can mix and match depending on the day, the weather, and the look I want to have.

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Cool Weather Capsule Travel Wardrobe
Cool Weather Capsule Travel Wardrobe
Cool Weather Capsule Travel Wardrobe
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