Fiddle camp: 3 reasons why it’s great for families

Fiddle Camp! Family camping + beautiful Oregon summer

The beautiful summers of western Oregon also make this season an amazing time to do some family camping and above all, spend a few days at fiddle camp! The Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association (OOTFA) hosts an annual family camp. Over the years, we’ve attended some where Jodie has taught. Every time, we’ve had days of fine music, family fun, and good romps in outdoor spaces on lovely summer days.

We’ve enjoyed fiddle camp amidst the firs and hills of Oakridge, in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. We’ve also camped on incredible grounds near Lebanon and Brownsville, Oregon. Brownsville is also known for being one of the settings of the movie Stand By Me, and a visit there might also coincide with some of their local events related to the film.

Family fiddle camp video

Fiddle camp brings together music-makers young and old from all over North America. Here’s what happened during one of our visits:

Why our family loves fiddle camp

Here are 3 reasons we love going to summer fiddle camp in Oregon:


This event attracts people from all over the Pacific Northwest, but there are also attendees from the East Coast and even Canada. Whether old or young, something they all have in common is keeping the event family friendly.

During the day, many people are in different lessons, workshops, and classes. In the evening, there are potluck dinners, competitions, dances, and sessions. From teens to seniors, on the whole the entire camp is a wholesome, kind, welcoming place.


While Jodie teaches workshops, Anthony keeps an eye on the kids, manages camp, and makes time for writing and other work. But minding the children isn’t exactly hard.

Often there are good sight lines for seeing where children are playing. Kids naturally come together in groups of friends new and old. While we talk with our kids about simple safety rules, such as not going into anyone’s tent or camper, we find that fiddle camp is a place where we can let the kids roam free throughout the camping space.


Summer is a beautiful time of year to be outside in Oregon. Camp is often set on the grounds of schools, once school is out for the summer. Many of these spaces are a little out of town, and are surrounded by hills and woods. The kids have outside time galore. Sometimes Anthony will also take them on little hikes or other nature excursions.

Make music and make the most of summer at fiddle camp

Our fiddling and camping times have been full of wonderful memories—all with a great, foot-stompin’ soundtrack. We get to camp close to town, be in nature, and spend days surrounded by kind people and good music. Fiddle camp is an Oregon summer treat—and one we always look forward to.

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