7 reasons why we chose a popup camper

Popup camping has helped our family travel more, longer, and to so many different places. Here are 7 reasons why we chose a popup camper instead of another type of RV or trailer:

1. No more sleeping on the ground.

We tent camped for years, but honestly, had gotten kind of tired of it.

2. Extend our camping season.

Instead of feeling more limited to the summer months, our popup camper helps us camp in the shoulder seasons too. We’ve been able to camp at Crater Lake in September (seriously—a week after our trip, show closed part of the Rim Drive up there). Or, we took some time in March to camp near Bandon on the Oregon Coast, in the midst of some pretty crazy chilly rains.

3. More options for activities.

If it’s really hot, cold, rainy, etc., we can easily have some space inside for art, board games, reading, etc. Plus, the camper makes it easier to haul our kayaks and paddling gear! This flexibility alone has been a great reason why we chose a popup camper.

4. Budget.

Our 2004 popup camper had been well loved and well cared for, and we were able to buy it for $2,000. That definitely fit our budget—leaving us with more money for travel!

Since getting our camper in February 2020, we also realized how much we lucked out. Demand for RVs skyrocketed during the pandemic. Lots of deals can still be out there though, and popups in particular can be a cost-effective alternative to other types of RVs.

5. Just the right size for our family.

Part of figuring out the right RV for you is sizing it to your family. For our family of four, a popup camper has been a good sweet spot. We adults can sleep on the larger bed, and Connor takes the other popout bed. The seating and table area converts to a bed, and Aster can snug up on that very well (though, honestly, there are plenty of nights where she comes in with us to snug up.)

6. We can park a popup camper in our driveway.

Some RVs need a lot of space for parking, a dedicated RV parking pad, or heck, even space at a storage facility. When we’re home, our camper is in the driveway. There’s a lock on the trailer hitch for security, and we cover the roof with a tarp to keep the rain off.

7. No vehicle changes needed.

Some RVs can only be pulled with a big pickup. That’s cool, but we have a Subaru Outback and had no interest in replacing it. After checking the towing tolerances for the our Outback, we knew what to look for in terms of weight. Even loaded with gear and a tank full of water, our popup camper is well within the Subaru’s hauling capacity.

Why we chose a popup camper: It’s the sweet spot for our family travels

Why did we choose a popup camper? Ultimately, it was our sweet spot of fun, comfort, budget, and flexibility. We have been able to go so many places, and the money we save on accommodation has helped us travel more and longer. Plus, when we camp, such as at a National Park, we are right there, in the thick of the experience.

Popup camping has been a wonderful choice for our family travel. Now that you see the factors that guided our decision, we can’t wait to find out what RV you choose for you and your family!

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We are the St. Clair Family: Anthony, Jodie, Connor, and Aster. As Learners and Makers, our family of four slows down, connects, and enjoys the world and each other's company. We have been traveling full time since 2022.