3 durable outdoor gear picks for kids and families

3 Kiddo camping and outdoor adventure gear ideas… that can stand up to active kids?!?

Durable outdoor gear picks that can stand up to active kids in the outdoors? That’s never an easy challenge, and all the more so when your adventures range from temperate rainforests to high deserts. Still. Over the years we’ve figured out a few things that work really well for our kids and our outdoor adventures. Here are 3 durable essentials that help us have great adventures with our kids in the outdoors.

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➤👍 KEEN shoes and sandals 👣

Connor loved wearing his KEEN shoes while scrambling over rocks at Joshua Tree National Park.

First and foremost… durable outdoor gear picks start with the feet. Durable kids footwear has been essential for our road trips, camping trips, and walkabouts.

We’ve tried different sandals and shoes with our kids over the years. We’ve tried other brands. We’ve tried cheapies. But only KEEN footwear has held up. Connor and Aster have worn KEENs since they were toddlers. From climbing trees to hiking rocky deserts, these two kids can really tear up some sandals. KEENS, though, consistently are up to whatever adventure we’re taking the kids on.

➤👍 GoPro action cameras 🎥

So durable and easy, a child can use it.
Aster loves taking our GoPro HERO9 Black out into the desert and narrating her observations.

Anthony is usually our family’s GoPro slinger. Yet he never thinks twice about handing one of our HERO9 Black action cameras to the kids—something we wouldn’t typically do with our phones or our Canon M50.

The kids have taken our GoPro action cameras through walks in deserts, hikes along rugged lavascapes, and swims in mineral pools. The HERO9’s have taken whatever the kids have dished out. Yet the camera is also so easy to use, well, a child can use it. And get some cool footage and photos!

➤👍 Ranger Ready DEET-free insect repellents 🦟

Mosquitoes, ticks, and more—Ranger Ready is the first insect repellent that has not only worked, but our entire family has liked using it!

We tried out these DEET-free pest repellents on our 6-week California camping road trip. It’s the first time we have used a bug spray that not only works, but that even the kids like putting on!

1️⃣ Mosquitoes cannot get enough of Connor. Seriously. It’s just wrong how much they eat him up.

2️⃣ Pests—especially ticks—aren’t just active in the summer, but throughout different seasons and temperature ranges.

3️⃣ With more travels planned from Utah deserts to Costa Rican rainforests, we need a repellent that’s safe for skin and the kids, and that’s travel-friendly. We’ll be sharing more about our experiences using these on our skin, with the kids, and even on our clothes and gear.

Ranger Ready has 2 DEET-free formulas that we use. Their picaridin insect repellents are safe for skin, including children’s skin. It’s not heavy and greasy, and even comes in sizes that we can stash in our carry-on when flying. Ranger Ready’s permethrin formula is for use on fabric—perfect for adding repellent protection to clothes, camp chairs, tents, and more.

And, as a special to Learners and Makers fans, you can get 10% off your Ranger Ready repellents!

Durable outdoor gear picks are the beginning of better family adventures

Naturally, this is just the beginning of the outdoor gear you can get for you and your kids. For our family, we find we have better adventures when we don’t have to worry about our gear being durable and reliable. That way, we have more time to go on excursions, build memories, and enjoy time together at home, away, and in the outdoors!

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