After over 10K road trip miles… what do we think of our popup camper?

Lots of families wonder if a popup camper is right for their family adventures. With over 10,000 miles of road trips, camping, and family travels behind us, here are 6 popup camper pros and cons we’ve found with our family camping experience.

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✅ Popup camper pros

✳️ Easy on the budget

✳️ Fits in our driveway, no storage space needed

✳️ Towable with other vehicles, not just a big pickup (which we don’t have anyway)

✳️ BONUS: Extends our camping season!

🛑 Popup camper cons

❌ If the campground is noisy, the camper is noisy

❌ Takes time and work to set up and take down

❌ Rainy or windy conditions can make setup/packup harder

⚖️ Verdict?

🎉 We love our popup camper! 🎉

Everything has its tradeoffs. We stay aware of the cons, and try to make our camping choices accordingly. But from our experience over the past couple of years, the pros of our camper, and the adventures it’s helped our family have, far outweigh the cons.

It’s not always easy to weigh the ups and downs of something for family travel, including popup camper pros and cons. When it comes to having a camper though, a popup can be a great fit for a lot of families. How do you weigh pros and cons for your family adventures and travels?

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