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Now that our motorhome is back on the road after getting rodent damage repair in Florida, we have just been camping in South Carolina. The kids free-played for hours outside. During our few days camping, the kids also befriended kids from other families, enjoyed incredible springtime weather, and got to simply bask in unstructured play time with kids their own ages—that alone is travel inspo for us!

As we look toward summer, we’ve got travel inspo on the brain. Here are 5 things inspiring our travel plans this week.

Summer vacations at Virginia Beach, VA

“Looking for a relaxing family escape, memorable adventures with the crew, or the ultimate romantic getaway? Whatever you seek, you’ll find it in Virginia Beach.”

Travel and Leisure

We are starting to plan more explorations of Virginia. While I grew up in Roanoke, there are so many parts of the state I’ve never explored. This Travel and Leisure article about Virginia Beach summer vacations has some enticing details on dining and activities that got our attention, especially this:

“After a wildly successful repopulation program, thousands of bald eagles now thrive in the Chesapeake Bay. This body of water is the largest of its kind in the United States, home to over 3,000 species of plants and animals. At the Brock Environmental Center, learn about efforts to preserve this national treasure for future generations.”

Travel and Leisure

Bald eagles near the beach? Sign us up.

Florida’s “Bold New City of the South”

We got to explore Jacksonville and The Beaches, Florida, during the fall of 2023. Whether kayaking, camping, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying some chill yet delicious dining, Jacksonville’s mix of activities, slow pace, and approachable size really appealed us. Turns out, the area is appealing to more and more folks—such as retirees, digital nomads, and vacationers—as not just as a vacation destination, but for relocation. Also from Travel and Leisure:

”With a cost of living five percent lower than the national average, a healthy mix of outdoor adventure and city perks, 22 miles of beaches, and tons of family activities, it’s no surprise Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the best places to live on the East Coast. Add to that professional sports teams, epic surfing, the largest urban park system in the nation, museums and festivals, and tons of trails, and you have plenty of reasons to vacation here, too.”

Travel and Leisure

Go cruising… on the Great Lakes?

The stunning lake ferry crossing during our 2023 trip along the International Selkirk Loop piqued our appetite for lake cruises. Big on our list, thanks to this USA Today story? To one day take a cruise along the Great Lakes between the USA and Canada:

“When you think of taking a cruise, sailing around the Great Lakes probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But it should be, and Viking’s Great Lakes Cruises charts several breathtaking and memorable courses.”

USA Today

Hmmm…. We could consider a lake cruise with the kids… or we might save it for once it’s just the two of us again…

Visit Detroit Launches Dining in the D Pass

Visit Detroit calls this a new digital passport to the city’s culinary scene. Detroit and the dedicated folks who live and work there have been striving hard in this revitalizing city. More and more we are considering when it’s time for us to check out the new and growing vibrancy driving the Motor City.

Dining in the D pass unlocks exclusive discounts and rewards at over 28 diverse restaurants across metro Detroit:

“From trendy bars to family-friendly spots and upscale dining establishments, this mobile pass is a tasty way to tour the city’s dynamic culinary offerings. Using the pass is simple – no app download necessary. Users sign up via mobile browser and bookmark the pass page for easy access on their phones. When dining at participating merchants, they just show the digital pass on their phone to receive exclusive offers like percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one deals, and more.”

Visit Detroit

5 travel tips with kids for lower stress

With our long-term travels, digital nomad lives, RVing across the USA, and globetrotting from Malaysia to Mexico to Morocco, our family of four has now been traveling full time for over a year and a half. We not only remain excited and engaged with our travels and each other. We also have figured out ways to lower travel stress.

And that’s important. We very deliberately say “lower stress.” We could say “stress-free.” It would probably get more attention and clicks. But it would also be a lie. Travel has stresses. Flights get canceled. Accommodation has a problem. Your rideshare driver or taxi is scary. A bus is late. 

Life has stress, and travel is simply another part of life.

We can’t eliminate all stress from our lives and travels. But we have found ways to decrease the stresses we face on the road. Here’s a timeless piece of ours that breaks down 5 ways we lower stress on our travels around the world:

“Travel can have its stresses, but here are 5 simple, parent-tested travel tips with kids that help us dial down the stress and dial up the fun. Try them on your next family trip!”

Learners and Makers

Inspired to hit the road?

Whether a day trip, a vacation, or a relocation to a different country, there are so many ways to travel.  We hope these ideas inspire you the way they inspire us! Find more travel ideas, inspo, and what we learn from our travels:

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