Family travel every month: The Learners and Makers 2021 Video Card

Family travel every month. How’s that for some serious family travel? More importantly, how in the world did we make it happen?

During 2021, we pushed ourselves out into the world in new and different ways. It wasn’t always easy… but it was always worthwhile. Here’s to a year where we recommitted to travel, to each other as a family, and to some big travel dreams coming up in 2022—plus our silliness decorating our Christmas tree… in matching jammies, of course.

How did we make our monthly family travels happen?

We set a family goal of traveling each month. Imagining that can conjure images of all of us on planes, bustling around somewhere… but the reality is quite different.

Here’s how we made our monthly family travel happen:

We started small.

For us, a family trip can be as simple as a day trip or an afternoon jaunt.

We embraced affordable family travel.

Luxury travel is pretty cool, but it’s never been a big deal to us. Focusing on affordability helps us travel more. I guess you could say we’d rather go often that go big.

What are some of the things that helped us embrace affordable family travel?

  • Budgeting: We prioritized money for travel over money for other things or services.
  • Camping: Popup camping not only saves us money, but it also puts us right where we want to explore.
  • Cooking: We rarely go out to eat. Cooking simple, balanced meals frees up funds that we can apply elsewhere in our travels.

We involved the entire family.

Sure, ultimately we parents call the shots. As much as possible and age appropriate though, we have always involved the kids in our travel plans. For example, we’ve figured out activities around books, shows, or movies they’ve interested in—an easy way to engage a kid’s rapt attention.

As the kids get older, it also becomes easier to talk through where we’re interested in and what we’re interested in doing. They come up with ideas we wouldn’t have thought of, and that makes each trip truly a family adventure.

Where did we go?

A year full of family travel, throughout Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. And oh goodness, what a year! If you want to catch up on our adventures or get more ideas for your own family trips and vacations, here are some snapshots of where our family traveled in 2021:




Flaming Gorge sunset rocks, surprise critters, and desert calm: Finding the ultimate renewable resource in Southwest Wyoming



More family travel adventures in store for 2022

Silly faces and matching jammies -Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the St. Clairs! Here's to a 2022 full of family travel adventures!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the St. Clairs!

Wow. That was a big year. Now to keep on planning our 2022 travels. National Parks—and Disneyland—in California. National Parks throughout Utah… but will it be too cold to camp?

And, finally, heading to other countries! Costa Rica, Panama, Japan, France… We are working on a big bunch of options so we can roll with the year brings.

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